Our specialist, Christopher, was really great.  He laid it out in a very clear concise way!  He was friendly and personable. He was very professional and full of knowledge.  My husband and I were regretting getting so involved with the timeshare! And every time we’d go,  they would put us in sales meetings and we’d end up buying more stuff and we really got in over our heads and we weren’t really able to use it like we were hoping to because we we’re getting older. So the consultation with Christopher was very very very helpful.

And the attorney’s office handled all my questions.  They were great.  They were just really right on top of it if I tried to contact them and always so pleasant.  Always so affirming.  They were really a joy to work with and you guys are just very very professional.  We had a tragedy in our family.  We relocated to Georgia in December.  Well, actually it was in November.  Our daughter in law passed away, only 34 years old, so we’re still in grief and…horrendous…sadness.  But this was really a bright spot to finally get rid of this thing.

Detra Bohn from LaGrange, Georgia

Monica was extremely patient and listened to my questions. Clearly helped me understand what the process was.  I felt comfortable asking multiple questions. And she never made me feel stupid or uncomfortable with all the questions I was asking.  And I thought the attorneys were outstanding.  This being a new process and something I’d never done, I did not know what the path would be like and everybody involved helped guide me, set me up to have realistic expectations. Again was very patient with me as I pulled together the paperwork that they needed and wrote what they needed and always gave me thorough and direct information about the entire process.

My experience was wonderful. I have to say the attorney did say to me that I was easy to work with and I just let them do their job. I didn’t hound them, I’d call and check in every now and then. And I didn’t call and check in very often. I just let them do their job, If that makes sense.  And it was worth it because they had the time to do what they needed to do. And here I am out of my timeshare. But I guess that some clients do call a lot and ask a lot of questions and want to know why isn’t this done in a month’s time. And I just gave them the time that they needed to be able to facilitate the process. And here I am.

For anyone looking to get out of their timeshare, but aren’t sure of which way to go….I would just say trust the process, trust you guys because you do everything you can to get them out of it.  I would also say as you go through this process, if you ever have somebody who wants to talk to somebody like me, to your point, I don’t want to give out my phone number. But I have no problem having you facilitate a three way call.

I said this to the lawyer when I realized that you had actually gotten me out of the contract and I was free and clear from it. I called him up and I said I’m really, pretty amazed that this happened like this. I read the fine print in the fine print said if we do not get you out of your contract we will reimburse what you paid us. So in my head I thought well it’s worth the roll of the dice. I mean what have I got to lose. And here we are. I’m out of it. So you’ve definitely provided me with everything that you promised to deliver to me.  There was no over promising and under delivering everything that everybody talked to me about was accurate and turned out to be on point. You did great.

Dorothy Milton from Revere, Massachusetts

The specialist was great!  Monica explained everything and she gave me all the information I really needed. I didn’t really need to talk to the attorneys much either.  I mean I spoke to him initially and he explained to me exactly what he was going to do. And then the only other time I spoke to him was when I got a letter, something crazy from the Timeshare developer, he said “I was expecting that, I’m glad you called.” And that was the end to that. The experience was professional and positive. I just had basically made it very easy to do what needed to be done.

You guys are the real deal because just the other day, was just on the news, maybe it was yesterday or Saturday, they were talking about all these fraudulent companies and all these people are paying money to get of their timeshares. So just definitely to go with you because you are definitely attorneys and a real Firm and I did my homework, but I know a lot of people really don’t. That’s about it. It was a really good experience and I’m really happy I did it.

Gina Altieri from Port St Lucie, Florida

We spoke with Albert. He was the one that really helped us. He took care of everything and I told him, “Listen, I’m not a computer person” because when he started saying well you got to fill out this electronically, I’m not good at that, I’m lucky to open e-mail you know that,  I’m not a technical person. And he was willing to work with us on that. And I want to thank you all for doing that because I know that makes your life a little more difficult.  I sent it to you through the mail. So we do appreciate that because I realize that working on the computer probably would have been a whole lot easier but we just don’t know what we’re doing on the computer.

My experience with you has been absolutely wonderful. I will recommend you. Let me tell you this too. You can give anybody that has any doubts about y’all my phone number. I’ll be more than happy to say good stuff about you because this has been, I mean this has really helped us a lot. You see the reason that it has helped us so much financially….my medicine, just one medicine is two hundred and ten dollars a month.  And the money that we were having to spend on them, I can now spend on this medicine that I need for my heart and so, It’s been indispensable to us.

Janet Deforrest from Groveton, NH

Everything went really smoothly. You guys were great. You’ve handled everything, you followed up. You made sure to tie up loose ends. It was good. The attorneys were helpful because I didn’t have to deal with anything on my own. They took care of everything. They also did follow up questions like random questions about, like filing my taxes and how to address all those issues. Everything was just really quick and painless. So, I really didn’t have to do anything but make a phone call and then your offices take care of everything.

I would say to anyone looking to get out of their timeshare to call you guys immediately. Anybody else out there, you kind of get the run around. Your company is definitely the best for a follow up and just to kind of handle everything that needs to be handled.

Jennifer Swords from Ponca City, OK

My specialist was very helpful.  I guess the wonderful thing about Adam is that he explained it to me and I think that’s the most important piece because he didn’t sugarcoat and say “now I’ll get you out in a month or two.” He said it will take some time and he was true to his word. And then he was sending me periodic updates to keep me informed on how the process was moving. So, I was very appreciative of how he dealt with me.

I’m very appreciative.  I enjoyed the professionalism from top to bottom.  I don’t care who I talked to in the organization. They were always responsive, on time, courteous and most importantly I think that they pathed out a way ahead upfront and it wasn’t something where you had false impression or anything along that line. I knew what was happening or if I needed something I could pick up or send an e-mail and they would give me a quick update.  So I’m just very fortunate that I got a chance to deal with you all and know you have my highest recommendation because I know it’s tough sledding.  But at the end of the day it didn’t take as long as we thought it would take. No no.  I feel personal relief from trying to get through the process and be out of my timeshare. Having people that are experts in what they do was very crucial in this process.

Antoine Cheatham from Madison, AL

The attorneys always talked to me, always helped me through whatever question I had. Even after it was done, I had a question and they returned my phone call and he talked to me. He took time out to talk to me. They were great. Getting out of this timeshare was a good experience. It just went very smoothly. I would say to anyone needing to get out of their timeshare to definitely do this with your company because I mean honestly I thought there was no way out of that. I felt like we were just kinda sucked into the timeshare, and then we had it and would’ve been stuck with it for life.

Tamara Scott from Tarzana, California

The law firm was very helpful. Whenever I had a phone call, a question or concern, they got back to me in a very timely manner. They said maybe 48 hours but they got back to me in about 2. They kept me informed about my case.

You guys were great.  You answered all my questions. You made sure I was able to get out of my time share and whenever they try to contact me or anything. I just gave it to you guys. You handled everything. I never had to deal with the timeshare company again.

Veronica Bravo from Lancaster, CA

Phil answered all my questions. He didn’t kind of blow me off and I kind of really like that. I like that he answered my questions. He was upfront about cost. He was upfront about how long it was going to take it wasn’t gonna be an immediate thing. He pretty much took care of me. He kind of walked me through anything I needed to do

The attorneys just got everything done, with minimal requirements on my part. And they gave me explicit instructions of what I needed to do, which is great. They didn’t waste my time. You know some people keep give you the double talk and it’s like well if I can do this, if I can’t, and he was just straight up. “It’s going to take a while… we can do it. But you just have to sit back and let us do our process and this is how the process works.” When we get to a certain point we already knew what was coming.

It’s great to be free of the timeshare! I’m not being bugged by them. I’m not getting phone calls and threatening phone calls anymore from them.  It’s not worth it, time shares are not worth it.


Lisa B. from Placentia, CA

Al was very helpful all through the process but in the very beginning I was a little skeptical.

When you get a little letter in the mail that says we want to help you out and I thought “Yeah, well I’m not real sure about this.” However he allayed all of my fears. He was very upfront. I would give Albert an A+ (plus).

The attorneys were extremely helpful. When I got in contact with him he did keep me posted on everything. And then the very last thing when he called to let me know that everything had been worked out… that I didn’t have to worry anymore. I did ask him for a letter so that I could keep it on file to make sure that if anybody ever came back, I could say oh no this contract has been canceled and we don’t have anything to do with it and he got it to me within a couple of days.

My advice to anyone looking to get out of their timeshare would be….First of all, don’t ever take any more calls on the telephone and people are still calling from the resort to book us to come out to have some time somewhere to look at properties. I would just say just be really careful what you put your name on and be really sure that this is what you want to do and that you have a full understanding of where this is going to take you and where you’re going to be with your life with this.  Because our plan was to have two different properties and bequeath it to each of our children. And that was never going to work out.  I would say to visit with you all. Absolutely. Absolutely.

Susan from Austin Texas

Our consultant gave me the information that I asked because we really know the process.  Anything he didn’t know he found out for me and got back with me.   And the attorneys were very helpful in getting the ball rolling.   I’d suggest for anyone to talk with your company and give you all the information that you need. And let you all handle it from there.  Now that I am free of this timeshare, I don’t have to come up with all these different fees and things that I didn’t know anything about.  In the beginning I was getting deals and stuff.  Oh no, I am no longer overwhelmed by a time share because it was nothing like I thought it would be.

Luevenia Barnes from Pleasant Grove, AL

Your team was very helpful and explained the cost and the timeline and all of that. I would highly recommend doing it legally through you guys. I feel that very strongly because it did. I mean my credit remains. I have very good credit. It did not harm my credit at all.

Audrey Winter from Williamston, MI

Chris let me know what we could do…it was important to me that he told me how we could do so.  Then the attorneys just kind of took care of it and didn’t really bother me or anything.  They asked me for some information I gave it to them and they took care of it.  And I’m out of it!  For someone who’s looking to get out of their timeshare but are not sure which way to go, I would say, for one thing you know… that you CAN do it – because we were told by the timeshare that we couldn’t.


Christine Springsteen from Livermore, CO

With the timeshare, you’re kind of in a trap… they’re not bound by any apparent ethical or moral obligations of any kind or whatever you want to call it – they’re just going to say that you signed a contract and you’re stuck. In our opinion it was a lot of money. Just the very fact that you signed a contract which is more or less coerced are quite tricky.  That’s the problem here. People need to trick people into coming to these things at locations like Orlando and Las Vegas by offering them a free vacation. That’s what they do in any industry vacation.  You get an hour and a half to two hour presentation of their hard sell. Super super super hard sell.

It’s a good thing that there’s someone just like you because they would just fight it with their millions of dollars and nobody would ever even get out of the contract.  I know all these companies continue to tell everybody what a wonderful investment it is and these investments are worse than a used car – the minute you walk out of the room they’re worth nothing.  You bought something that cannot be sold, that has no market value really and truthfully you spent twenty thousand dollars and it’s worth about maybe two hundred.  And that’s just somebody that’s willing to get in on the deal and not pay the 20 thousand and then try to pay the monthly dues… the annual dues and not feel you know for a certain amount of time and at least I didn’t get duped into that first hard sell. There are always people that are taking advantage of that part of it. So I’m to say this. It’s just such a scam. Why are businesses and like these people allowed to conduct scams….And nobody chastises it… nobody gets a slap on the wrist or something. We’re back to all the other stupid stuff in the news.

I’ve met people that have these things and use them. I think they’re rather naive. Even after years and years and years of doing it it’s crazy. I just find it amazing that they get that they can get away with it and it’s considered legitimate business in America. You’re the only one out there.  If a legal company hadn’t initiated it and gone to them, they wouldn’t have done anything. This is as clear as mud here.  I would recommend your company, I would say you did a good job…you really did.


Bruce P. from Kent, WA

Christopher was certainly efficient with getting the details and getting them to the lawyer and getting the ball rolling.  He did a very good job with that.  And I probably called the attorneys half a dozen times during the process and they answered the phone promptly right away. They got back to me and the whole experience just seemed pretty smooth.

We had done a couple of inquiries before we got to Resort Legal Team. I wasn’t comfortable with what I’d found prior to talking with you guys. Basically, I was thinking this got to be a scam too just like the timeshare business. But there was something about the way you guys presented it. And then our initial conversations, that just made it comfortable to move forward. So what I would say is “it works.” You guys have proven it. And I would go with something that I know works. That’s what I suggest to anybody else with a timeshare that they want to get out of.  Now that we are out of the timeshare, it’s been a lot better. That was costing us somewhere in the neighborhood of 11 or 12 thousand a year. So it’s almost 1000 dollars extra a month budget. So, getting close to retirement and that’s what’s going to come in very handy.  One more thing…. What was really nice through all of this was I was able to talk to the same people all the way through. You were the, kind of, the anchor in the middle. We appreciate everything you did for us.

I can tell you my biggest fear starting into this process was I that I would get it started, I pay the bill and then I won’t get a hold anybody. So, the way you guys went about it was perfect. I was comfortable the whole way through.


Terry Hood from Savannah, GA

Your team always got back with us and answered our questions. If you were not available when we called, you were always sure to get back with us and answer our questions. So we never felt like we were left alone.  For people who are sure that they want out of their timeshare, I think they can have confidence with your company.  It’s just a huge relief once it’s all over!

Sandra Little from West Jefferson, OH

You pretty much answered all my questions in the beginning that I had.  And the attorneys were also informative and any time I had to call them, they were able to help me and glad to help me – they didn’t kind of blow me off like a regular attorney who would kind of tell me I’m busy or I’m doing something, they actually took my calls and got back with me.  My advice for anyone wanting out of their timeshare is try to give the attorneys as much information as you can about your situation.

Now that I am free of the timeshare, I don’t have to worry about it and I don’t have to have my children or family worry about it. If something were to happen to me and they inherit it… so I don’t have to worry about them getting it and being stuck with stuff. Eternal maintenance fees! I wasn’t so much concerned about myself, but I was more concerned about the kids down the road.

Michael from Minooka, IL

You took away my fear and reassured me that it could be done. And I’m very happy with the service.  I’m very happy with it. You saved me from having to give up my social security.  I would highly recommend you guys!

Teri G. and Richmond, WA

Monica was very good and spent a lot of time with us.  She was good and patient and whatever and we finally got everything done. And then we’re turned over to the attorney, the guys down in Panama City or it’s down in the panhandle.  They were very good. They said Just have patience. Hang on. I said “How long is this gonna take?” He said, “well it could take anywhere from six months to a year or maybe more depending.  But they said don’t worry about it you’ll end up getting out of it.

And now that I am out of the timeshare…it’s great because I don’t have to pay eleven hundred dollars a year in fees. They have what they call maintenance. I also don’t have to pay two hundred eighty three dollars a month. It was smaller but then we had upgraded because we thought we’ll get more points and then we kept finding that no matter how many points you have you’re always chasing something that can’t be caught. I mean it’s like the points end up being absolutely almost worthless. And then when you do use the points…. this is one of the reasons why we wanted to disengage from it.

First of all we had to use a lot of points like two or three thousand points like half of our points for a one night stay on top of that they charge me one hundred dollars to two for room cleaning and one hundred dollars for a restocking fee. So in other words I used a lot of points and I ended up having to shell out 200 dollars for another two hundred dollars. I could have just paid for it myself. I mean the timeshare as a property really wasn’t that great. It was needed to be reworked. It was kind of shabby and it would have been better to stay at the main hotel on the concierge level.  Those rooms are fairly nice.

We found out we couldn’t use the points to go to Mexico. We couldn’t use the points to do anything. Well the only place we could go was Orlando or we could go to Las Vegas and that was pretty much it. Other than that we would be using outrageous points and then they wouldn’t give us New York. Well it turns out that they don’t give you any ability to reserve ahead of time because they always have  convention business and they want to make sure they have rooms available so that people that have the timeshares take second second place to the conventions.

So you can only reserve like a week or so in advance. I mean you can’t plan your life with the stupid thing. So that’s why we we’re spending five thousand dollars a year and we’re getting pretty much nothing other than the fact it’s nice to go to a Tuscan village in Orlando. It’s a very nice place beautiful if you’re ever down there I mean it is really nice. But that’s pretty much all you can do. Right. And then it was just a con game. I don’t know why they play that game because they end up losing so many people and they have to keep filling the pipeline in the front end and they provided opportunities for people like your company and the attorneys because everybody realizes…. I know I could never understand why couldn’t they just give you something to keep you happy, but they don’t.

So it turned out that you know we couldn’t make a go of it economically which was ridiculous. That’s not what they presented. They have these big brochures and they show you all these beautiful places that you can stay and then you find out well you’ve got maybe 10000 points.  We’d have to pay a thousand dollars maintenance fee for the property that we did own out in Las Vegas. So we thought well we can’t stay at that hotel. So we ended up back in Orlando at the Tuscan village. It’s just unbelievable. And I don’t understand why they would want to run a business that way. But the business model must work because they get a bunch of suckers.

Now we are out.  It worked out just fine!  I would recommend you to help people get out of their timeshare.  It was a good experience. Took a long time.



John Cushing from Venice, FL

Everything was explained very very well.  We were given a clear list of what we would need to provide to get through this process.  It took a little longer than we expected, but it did happen with very little effort on our part other than providing some documentation. So, we are thrilled to be out of the timeshare and happy that it worked!

Melissa M. from Wheller, MI

My consultation was good, he made me feel comfortable. He answered, I asked a few questions gave me some feedback. That was a good start. I felt a little bit more relief, but I still had obviously a lot of questions about a lot of things. But he made me comfortable at that point.  And the attorneys really made me feel comfortable and kept in touch with me early on in the process.  He answered all my questions, he kept me comfortable, reassured me, “hey, silence is good..you’re good.  Here’s what’s gonna happen. Here’s how long it takes. Trust me when you’re out of this thing you’re out of this thing. Don’t worry about getting notifications.”  So he was really good.

For anyone looking to be free of their timeshare, I would recommend doing it sooner rather than later.  The longer you wait the more money you’re going to lose. Better to do it and just rip the Band-Aid off. I guess the old saying goes, cost some money for you guys, for me but that’s like ripping the Band-Aid off. At least not all the hidden fees and all the other stuff that everybody makes you feel like you have to have whatever.  I guess my advice would be to put your trust in somebody and I put my trust in you or where it started and then trust the process on the way through. And don’t be afraid to ask questions and let them do their job and  before you know it, it will behind you.

George Eck from Harrisburg, PA

Everybody’s been great.  Well they got me out. That’s all I wanted.

Now being free of the timeshare, I’m not making a payment to them. They didn’t lose out any money because I’ve paid more than twenty five thousand dollars during the two years that I’ve been making payments.  I still had a long ways to go and pay it off. So you know. They were just making money off of me. I’m glad that’s over with.

Plus one other thing with the timeshare was when you call to make a reservation …. You have to have at least three days in order to get in. There were always booked could never get in. But if you do two days and pay on your own you get in right away. Which didn’t make sense.

I would tell anyone looking to get out of their timeshare that I would do this again. You guys were helpful.

Jose Silva from Highland, CA

The consultant I worked with explained the situation. What You guys could do for us. Actually at first I thought it was fraud or fake. I was really concerned about it. After we hung up I thought I’d given away my personal identity information and I was really panicked for a little bit. I can tell you one thing you did that was very valuable and that was to put a freeze against the credit reporting just stop them from filing bad credit reports and then just time took itself.  You know I haven’t worried about it and it was six months ago or something like that maybe longer than that that we we’re out of the timeshare.

We’re not good about dealing with the pressure that the timeshare people put on you. It’s such a scam. They just make it sound so good. It’s like the main reason I bought the timeshare was because he said I could get hotel stays at the resorts for just one night for 60 bucks a night you know as a private meeting.  You know like I need hotel space if I could stay at a hotel for 60 bucks guaranteed. Any city I go to. That’s a great deal you know. So not only do we get a timeshare vacation we could put anywhere in the world, I could just pick 60 dollars a night anywhere I needed a hotel room for the night and good to go. Well that’s not true. That was all a lie. But I say  lesson learned… lesson learned.

I didn’t learn from my parents at all and they had a timeshare they used it for many years. It was a great deal but for them at the time but then you just can’t get rid of it. That’s a criminal thing about timeshares. You know it’s like you should be able to let them sell it for you and they should make a commission on the sale. It’s listed for the price of any other timeshare that we’re selling today but we’re gonna subtract two grand off of it so that we can sell it and then have a commission to give to the people that are doing the selling. So they can make a wage and boom you’re out of it. I am glad you were able to assist us in getting out of our timeshare.


C. Hampson from Grand Junction, CO

Chris was our specialist.  He told us what we were able to do and gave us hope that we could get out of it without getting further into debt.  The attorneys handled all the paperwork where we didn’t have to deal with anything and now having been released from our timeshare has lifted a big financial burden from us.  Thank you.

Kathleen R from Port Charlotte, FL

Christopher just kind of explained the process. To be honest, I kind of was a little skeptical and he kind of made it known that this is what we do and kind of just explained the process and got us what we want.  When we called the attorneys to get information. Again kind of walked us through the process even as we’re kind of keeping track of what was going on. They were always polite. And it’s like they knew that we were the customers that needed this done. And they kind of worked with us. So, just real professional.

It was worth the money to me to get out of the timeshare. The fee for your company to do it at first seemed like a lot but in the grand scheme of things it was a kind of a fraction of what we would’ve paid. And just the headache of that timeshare…. because it was just a scam in my opinion. So I just encourage people to give you a call and take the jump. And it’s worth the money.

Gary Sharp from Westminster, CO

On a scale of one to ten, the consultant was a ten. He obviously helped me. The attorneys were fine. I just had to keep in contact with them and make sure everything was going through. But they were they were pretty on top of it.  And now that I’ve been out of the timeshare, I will say I’ll never get into another timeshare and I am relieved I have gotten out! I would recommend it.

Ronald Woolley from Victorville, GA

Your team was very helpful and also there were some financing issues that they helped me work through. So thank you very much for that.  The attorney’s office was also very responsive. So if I had a question or if I was just checking out the status, he was very good about getting back to me.

One of the reasons I needed to get out of the timeshare was primarily because I was in the process of getting a divorce and I needed as much capital, as much discretionary income I could get. It’s definitely a burden that has been lifted!

I didn’t have any problems with the paperwork that needs to be filled out but I’m also a little more detail oriented than a lot of people. But I would say that if you fill it out, you have a very good reason and you can justify that and you have numbers and that kind of a thing I think that’s very helpful to have.  I did what I did and then I basically washed my hands of it. I would absolutely recommend you to a friend.

Kimberly Hopkins from Waco, TX

Monica answered the majority of my questions and I was very concerned about being able to get out of the timeshare and the fact that she understood when I said that I was being a little grilling and then coming going away and then coming back and it just got to a point where I was able to share how I felt I was treated. And she asked questions that led me to be able to express how I was feeling about being almost shamed into into the timeshare contract.  She was asking the right questions and seemed to be willing to listen and understand what I would say. So, I had a comfortable feeling about her and I felt she understood my situation.

I know the process takes a while and naturally I was impatient to get it resolved. I called in several times but I was always assured that everything was okay and we’re making progress. And just to be patient I always got a response.  Someone took the time to talk to me and told me that everything was going okay. And these things take time. So, when I did call the attorneys, I don’t feel like I was brushed off. I was just reassured that everything was going smoothly.

Now that I am free of the timeshare, have a couple of vacation plans, I buy small things at a time. I get like Las Vegas trips and things like that. I bowl a lot. I bowl in three different leagues and most of my leagues go to Vegas at the end of the weekend. So, I’m able to get a hotel up there where I bowl in Vegas and I’m looking this year taking some cruises but just not as part of a big plan. Just shop around for a good vacation package or something like that.

What I would say to someone needing out of their timeshare….if they’re not sure.  It means basically they’re in over their head and they need to find somebody to trust for help.  Halfway through I felt comfortable and I trusted the people that I was talking to that we’re gonna do things. So, I guess there has to be an establishment of trust and that’s not going to come over the first two or three phone calls right. I think that has to be developed.. And the response I’m getting, gave me the confidence that they were going to do take care of it for me….not in my time frame, but that it would get done.  I would recommend you to a friend. I would hope that they wouldn’t be in the same situation I was in.


Gary O’Hanian from Tustin, CA

Chris he explained everything in the consultation….he explained things what you guys do and how you do them. And he was very believable. So we did our due diligence and went from there.  And the attorneys office was very good. Again they explained more of the nitty gritty of it. And then we basically just left it alone. And then I ended up getting a letter.  Now we are out of the timeshare. I would recommend you to anyone.  I don’t know why we got into a timeshare that was too expensive and wasn’t terribly helpful.  Please tell Chris, Thank you.

Greg H. from Apple Valley, CA